Our Telescope

Part of the OM Exhibition.

OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory is home to a 14 inch LX600 Meade telescope.  The Meade comes with Star Lock, a full time automatic integrated guider which assists with ultra–precise polar alignment, finds and centres targets and then automatically locks onto a field star as faint as 11th magnitude down to one arc-second guiding.  It has Fast Advanced Coma – Free (ACF) technology and Internal Crayford–style primary mirror focusing system with a dual speed 7:1.

OM Dark Sky Park

How to see the Meade in action

While you can see the telescope as part of your visit to the exhibition, it is only ever operated by a technical expert during special star-gazing events or during an organised group tour.

To see the Meade in action, projecting images of the night sky onto screens in the exhibition area, check out our special star-gazing events or get in touch to book a group tour.

We also have a solar telescope for use during the summer months as part of any visit to the exhibition.

The Coronado ST 40/400 PST Personal Solar Telescope OTA is a small, quality telescope which lets you experience the sun, which will show prominences, flares and other surface details of our biggest star.

Our ‘Go-To’ and ‘Point-To’ mini-telescopes are available as part of your exhibition visit for a hands-on – and eyes-on! – experience of looking at the sky and the landscape.

OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory

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