Astronomical Calendar

Our astronomical calendar contains dates for moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses, conjunctions and more.

Latest Past Events

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is the name given to the full Moon closest in date to the first day of autumn, known as the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere. This is when day and night are the same length. The full Moon on 20 September will be the closest full Moon to the Northern Hemisphere’s autumn […]

New Moon

A new moon on 7 September is one of the best times to go stargazing. During a new moon, the Moon is not visible in the sky so can’t wash out the light from fainter stars. Without the light of the Moon, you’ll be able to see thousands of stars and even the Milky Way […]

Blue Moon

While the Moon may not actually be turning blue, make sure to take a look at the Blue Moon on 22 August.  This Full Moon will be a Blue Moon because it is the third Full Moon in an astronomical season. Astronomical seasons are defined by the time between equinoxes and solstices - there are […]

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