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The March Equinox

The first day of Spring! There are two equinoxes every year, one in March and one in September.  The March equinox is the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator - an imaginary line in the sky above Earth’s equator, from south to north. This happens on March 19, 20, or 21 every year. Why […]

Worm Moon

The Full Moon in March is the Worm Moon, and it is usually considered the last Full Moon of winter. Why is it called the Worm Moon?  The name Worm Moon was originally thought to refer to the earthworms that appear as the soil warms in spring. Full Moon Names In ancient times, it was common to […]

New Moon

If you have clear skies where you are tonight, go outside and look up! A new moon is one of the best times to go stargazing. During a New Moon, the Moon is not visible in the sky so can’t wash out the light from fainter stars. In a dark sky location like OM you’ll […]

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