Saturday Observing Sessions

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25 March

Drop by OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory every month to check in on what our astronomers are up to as they delve into the dark skies.

Weather permitting (if we have clear skies), you’ll be able to view live astronomical imaging with our high end Meade LX600 and camera system and also take part in some eyepiece observing outside with our range of refractor telescopes. Maybe you’d like to bring your own observing setup too – the more the merrier!

If the clouds are against us, we’ve got live feeds from telescopes in superb observing sites like the Canary Islands and Chile, and plenty of video and images to keep any astronomy and night sky enthusiast happy.

Irish Astronomy Week

This month our session takes place during Irish Astronomy Week which runs from 20th – 26th March 2023.  To find out more visit the Irish Astronomy Week website.

Next Session:

Saturday 25 March, 8.30pm-10pm

Price: £10.00