Solar Eclipse

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10th Jun 2021

On the morning of the 10 June 2021, the Moon will pass in front of the Sun. Depending on your location it may cover the Sun’s disc by as much as 30% in a partial solar eclipse.

Eclipse times

The exact time of the eclipse will depend on your specific location, however, will be very close to the below times. These are based on being located at near Davagh Forest.  You can find times for your location using the website.




Thu, 10 Jun

Partial Eclipse begins

The Moon touches the Sun’s edge.


Thu, 10 Jun

Maximum Eclipse

Moon is closest to the centre of the Sun.


Thu, 10 Jun

Partial Eclipse ends

The Moon leaves the Sun’s edge.

Viewing Safety

Viewing a partial eclipse means observing the Sun and requires special care, as viewing sunlight directly with the naked eye can seriously damage your eyesight.  Probably the easiest and most convenient method of viewing a solar eclipse safely is to wear eclipse glasses.  The specially-designed glasses are worn just like sunglasses and cut out all harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays and 99.9% of the Sun’s visible light.  You can also use a solar telescope like the one we have at OM.

Woman using a solar telescope

Image: Using a Solar telescope at OM Dark Sky Park and Observatory.

If you are lucky enough to have clear skies and plan to watch the eclipse, ensure you view it safely and enjoy the spectacle of our Moon passing across the Sun on 10 June 2021.

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